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Chestnut 🦦 | Light brown 7 IN 1

Chestnut 🦦 | Light brown 7 IN 1

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7 IN 1 Vanilla

21" Inches + 142 Grs.

5.11 Oz 24 inch

Material: Haute couture quality 100% Polyester, contains cotton

Length : 21 Inches = 53.34 centimeters

Includes: 7 Curtains of different sizes, equal to the attached image

Color: Ombre effect equal to the attached image

Ironing and curling: The extensions can be curled, waved and ironed, it is recommended that the heat of the iron and curling iron be 200 to 400 degrees

Life cycle: They can last a whole year using them daily, as long as the corresponding care is taken as explained in the manual.

Recommendations: They should not be used in fixed applications, nor dyed or bleached, it is recommended to use all the curtains on all hair, for people with very short hair since the cut is hidden very well and looks natural.

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