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Cappuccino CLASSIC 23"

Cappuccino CLASSIC 23"

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23" Inches + 142 Grs.

5.11 Oz 23 inch

Material: Haute couture quality 100% Polyester, contains cotton

Length : 23 Inches = 58.42 centimeters

Width: 24.13 centimeters

Includes: A single curtain with clips sewn on it, 2 spare clip

Color: Ombre Effect (Base: chocolate, Mids to ends: light brown) same as the attached image

Ironing and curling: The extensions can be curled, waved and ironed, it is recommended that the heat of the iron and curling iron be 200 to 400 degrees

Life cycle: They can last a whole year using them daily, as long as the corresponding care is taken as explained in the manual.

Recommendations: They should not be used in fixed applications, nor should they be dyed or bleached. It is recommended to use 2 CLASSIC for people with very short hair and only 1 for people with medium or little volume hair.

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